Coaching Leaders

to Success

Coaching Leaders

to Success

Who we are

We are activators of leadership potential.

We are coaching professionals who work with companies and private clients globally. We help build leadership capabilities within organisations and within people. As coaches, we collaborate with our clients to harness their full potential by developing, utilising, maintaining and improving skills and capabilities that empower and enable them to achieve goals through focused and deliberate actions with intent, with influence, and with clarity of purpose.

ross emerson


Managing Director and Executive Coach

Ross Emerson is a globally focused and culturally astute leadership coach, consultant, and trainer. An entrepreneurial and visionary leader, strategist, collaborator, author, motivational speaker, and change maker with over 30-years of professional experience, Ross has the ability to galvanise teams, identify synergies, inspire action based solutions, and drive success regardless of how it is measured.

Drawing on international experience from Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Monaco, and India, Ross is well positioned to understand the needs of clients with increasingly complex global lifestyles and demands. With a passion for sharing knowledge and developing leaders, Ross focuses his time working with senior professionals, and private clients to develop their capabilities so they can achieve their goals and attain success. More (PDF)...

paul minx


Associate - Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Paul Minx has spent over 16 years in senior positions in global financial service firms, most recently as Head of Leadership and Talent Development at Morgan Stanley. He has also coached over 200 senior executives in a variety of financial service firms. He has worked in and held line management responsibilities in investment banking, technology and the HR business areas.

Prior to his work experience he graduated with a Master’s from Yale University. He also holds a certificate in executive coaching from Oxford Brookes University and a certificate in organizational effectiveness from Roffey Park in the UK. He is certified in Hogan, MBTI and Firo-B, among other psychological instruments. Besides executive coaching he also team coaches and helps executives prepare for important presentations. He is passionate about diversity. More (PDF)...

paul minx


Associate - Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Lisa Chamely-Aqui, MS, PCC, PuMP is a professional and executive coach and communications specialist. Having worked for 11 years in management and leadership positions with multi-national corporations in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago, her business acumen is enhanced with a global perspective. She is principal of coaching business registered in St. Thomas, USVI, where she now resides.

Her coaching client-base is industry and culturally diverse. Clients benefit from virtual or face-to-face coaching, depending on geography. Lisa has worked with clients in North America, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom. Current clients include executives from Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 organisations. More (PDF)...

Why we are doing this

Investing in leadership potential is one of the most important things that can be done to increase performance and productivity but it is also one of the most overlooked in today’s society. Developing the skills and capabilities to lead effectively and to succeed takes vision, work, and commitment.

We’ve experienced the power of coaching and understand what an effective tool coaching can be to help people achieve their goals and become better leaders. Coaches helped us harness our own capabilities and grow both professionally and personally while developing the skills necessary to take ownership to succeed in complex and demanding environments globally. Now we want to help others to develop into the leaders we know they can be and activate their own leadership capability.

“We are passionate about helping people become better leaders by working with them to develop personalised leadership strategies and inspiring action plans so they can achieve success.”

--Ross Emerson, MBA, PFP. Founder, R. E. Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Why choose us


Decades of experience at senior levels directly in the business environments of our clients


Excellence in delivery with the highest standards of professionalism


Award winning professionals with a solid track record of success in a variety of professional disciplines


Action oriented solutions incorporating measurement of progress and achievement


Global experience and reach to deliver consistent programs across clients' locations

Track record of success

  • Ross Emerson - Barclays Chairman’s Award 2009 for Individual Contribution of the Year Europe Region.

  • Ross Emerson - Barclays Chairman’s Award 2011 for Individual Contribution of the Year Monaco Region.

  • Ross Emerson - Royal Bank of Canada VP Private Banking Sales Leadership Gold Award 2013.

  • Ross Emerson - Royal Bank of Canada VP Private Banking Sales Leadership Gold Award 2014.

What We Do

We help leaders to thrive.

We improve performance by helping our clients develop their leadership capabilities and take ownership and accountability of their own success by applying the tools and insights they learn in our coaching programs. Our methodology uses a relational mindset, and behaviours approach to determine the best way to achieve client goals and we incorporate a diversity and inclusion element into all our work to determine how best to harness the power of diversity to achieve success. Coaching is about connecting, collaborating, clarifying, crafting, caring, and creating positive momentum. Coaching can be a powerful and effective tool for increasing performance, engagement, and retaining top talent.

what we do

We solve problems for our clients in the following key areas:

  • Executive Coaching
    We help senior professionals at the Director level and above who are struggling with a particular performance issue with one or more members of their team. We help new to role leaders to transition to their position and enhance performance by optimising their unique leadership style.
  • Leadership Development and Training
    We help develop leadership skills and capabilities of senior professionals and high potential employees identified as “top talent.” We also help private clients such as entrepreneurs looking for support and forward momentum to realise their ideas, as well as individuals who are personally motivated to invest in their lifelong learning, professional development, and career progression.
  • Innovation / Creative Disruption
    We design and facilitate workshops and innovation meetings as well as strategy sessions to deal with creative disruption.
  • Diversity
    We deliver coaching and training to help leaders harness the power of diversity and effectively deal with workplace diversity issues. We also design and implement diversity programs to increase employee awareness, satisfaction, and engagement.
  • How Coaching Works

    Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximise their personal and professional potential. Coaching is all about taking accountability for your own success.  You do this by applying the tools and insights you'll learn through the coaching process and taking thoughtful and considered action to achieve your goals and understand how to measure your progress. To achieve this, the coach and client collaborate to learn about key strengths and commit to deliberate and meaningful actions that serve a clearly defined purpose. A coach will not solve problems for you, but will help you develop the skills to solve your own problems.

    Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to be genuinely curious. Coaches clarify things, replaying what you say to make sure you're effectively communicating and encourage you to pinpoint what’s really important. Coaching is all about learning and discovery – uncovering what motivates and inspires you, identifying your key values and beliefs, finding out what gets you stuck and helping you to break through barriers and overcome the challenges you face.

    Coaching will help determine what success looks like and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.  These are the foundations of coaching.  A coach will provide you with the tools to get there. A coach will ask you powerful questions and hold you accountable for your actions.  A coach will help you see new possibilities and help you become the leader you want to be.

  • Benefits of Coaching

    A leadership coach can help you see challenging situations from new perspectives, as well as help you develop the skills you need to address those challenges successfully. Benefits of working with a coach include:

    • accelerated results and increased performance
    • identification of a gap in skills, knowledge or resources
    • increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • clarity of purpose and direction so you can progress
    • empowerment to make breakthroughs and achieve more balance
    • effective utilisation of your strengths to help you succeed
    • ability to lead others more effectively

  • Coaching FAQ

Our Clients

  • All
  • Corporate
  • Private Clients
  • Other
  • Entrepreneur, Fintech start-up
  • C-Suite senior executive, financial services, risk management
  • Senior professional career pivot – Financial services, Wealth management
  • Engineer
  • Regional Director of Credit, Financial Services, Wealth Management
  • Freelance Consultant

Tools and Resources

20 Leadership Insights to Help You Succeed (PDF)
Dealing with Adversity
A Parable (PDF)
Gaining Self-Awareness through Your Genuine Identity Profile (PDF)
Establishing Your Personal Leadership Brand (PDF)
Thinking like a Leader:
Three Big Shifts (PDF)
Motivational Quotes (PDF)

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