Taking Accountability for Your Success (part 3)

In part 2 of this post, I focused on the importance of believing in yourself and demonstrating resilience and courage to achieve your goals. Along with these, you must also trust in yourself. This can be a very challenging thing to do because it requires you to admit that you don’t have perfect knowledge and control of what is to come; there is a degree of blind acceptance that everything will work out as it should. If you lack trust in yourself you may feel exposed to negative elements that hinder your success, or that you are vulnerable to outside influences slowing down your progress. Letting go and accepting what you don’t know nor control is very difficult, even for the most successful of people. But with a regular reflection and practice, you realise that developing the ability to have trust in yourself, even with a great deal of uncertainty, can be an extremely empowering experience. Trusting makes you stronger by teaching you that only by accepting what could be, do you begin to identify, acknowledge, focus, and act on the things you can influence to help you progress in that direction and you don’t waste time and energy on things beyond your control. By trusting that you will succeed, your time will be used more effectively to propel you towards the achievement of your goals and not being distracted by things that will slow you down, such as self-doubt, which can and will hinder your progress and success.

It really is all about you. Take full control and ownership of your life and accept that your thoughts, actions, and attitude are the keys to unleashing your success. It’s not just mind over matter…it’s both mind and matter that are required to succeed. Don’t allow yourself to make more excuses…it’s time to take that next step…it’s time to move forward and try with the confidence, self- belief, resilience, courage, and trust that you can and will achieve your goals step by step. And in the process, you will grow and develop in ways you may never have previously imagined… and you will be a great success!

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