The Power of Visualisation

No matter what goal you are trying to achieve as a leader, it all begins with a clear vision of what you want.  This is called visualisation and its power should not be underestimated.  Many of us have heard stories of successful athletes who, in addition to training their bodies to improve physical conditioning, also train their minds on an ongoing basis to focus on a clear vision of their success.  In essence, they can see themselves at the top of the ranks achieving their goal and this training helps to reinforce the self-confidence necessary to succeed at the task at hand.

There are many ways to visualise your goals.  For some people, it’s as simple as spending a few minutes each day thinking about what they want to achieve.  For others, they will cut out images from magazines and newspapers that represent what they are trying to achieve and create a scrapbook or storyboard of sorts.  For example, many young girls often create scrapbooks of what they want for their dream wedding when they grow up.  People redecorating their homes will often create design boards containing colours, fabrics, textures, that they want to have in their newly redecorated home.    Some people need to tell others about what they are trying to achieve and talk about it as much as possible.  Yet others may need to draw pictures to help them bring to life the things they are trying to accomplish.

So is there a right way to visualise your goals?  Not really.  It’s different for everyone.  What’s important, however, is the act of visualisation because it helps you to gain clarity on what you’re actually trying to achieve. Once you gain this clarity you will successfully achieve both destination and direction.  Once you know where you want to go and have some idea of which way you’re headed,  the next step is to create a plan to help get your there as quickly as possible.