Taking Risks to Move Forward

It’s all fine and dandy to dream big; to have ambition, aspiration, hope, and optimism. It’s all fine and dandy to visualise and plan. But when it comes time to take that next step and take action to move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams, you may find yourself a bit paralyzed with fear. This is not uncommon and if you’re like most normal people, you’ll feel the fear and apprehension that many others do when they are about to embark on something new. The good news is that this is normal. The not so good news is that unless you can take that next step and move forward towards your goals, you’re just going to remain stagnant.

You may be trying to do something new, or to change something you were unhappy with, or to really stretch yourself to improve something that you’re already doing really well and you don’t know what lies around the corner. You could either succeed gloriously or you could fail miserably and fall flat on your face. The resulting anxiety because of the uncertainty could end up stopping you from taking any action at all and ultimately stop you from achieving your goals. You quite simply may become overwhelmed and consumed with fear of all the potential risks that may lie ahead.

To overcome this anxiety, try giving yourself permission to be afraid. By giving yourself permission, you regain control of the situation. It’s important to accept that in order to move forward, you have to take some risks. Risk in itself is a neutral thing; it’s our perception and attitude towards risk that makes it good or bad.

Accept that risk exists in life and embrace it for the potential for you to learn, develop, and overcome your preconceived boundaries. In order to move forward, don’t think of the entire task. Just think of the first step you need to take. Then take it. One step at a time and before you know it, you’re well on your way.